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5 Unique Perennials to Add to Your Garden

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When most people think of flowering perennials, they do so with thoughts of coneflowers, cannas,Black eyed Susan’s and the like.  How about some low maintenance unique perennials that have gorgeous flower blooms?  I’m going to share some perennials that you might not have thought of that can easily be incorporated into any garden.

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1. Cleome

CleomeLet me start off by saying for years my mother and sister n’ law have been giving me seeds and trying to get me to grow cleome.  I just never planted the seeds, or I did and they didn’t germinate well and so on.  Then I would see their cleome in full bloom and so wanted this plant!  Finally this year I have some growing and doing well.

Also termed “spider plants or flowers” they can grow in partial shade to full sun with well draining soil.  Directly sowing seeds in chosen location is the most ideal situation.  Transplanting and starting seeds indoors is tricky with these guys.

What’s great and not so great about these plants is they produce these little pods filled with seeds that you could collect and store; but also the seeds may spread and you may end up with cleome in various locations.

Cleome with seed pods

2. Yarrow

Gold Yarrow

When planting yarrow, some might wonder whether to plant it in their flower beds or herb garden.  While having small clusters of beautiful flowers, yarrow is also grown as a herb.

Used in treatment of minor cuts with bleeding and fevers yarrow can be made into a tea or poultice.  Consult your physician first prior to any herbal treatments.

As an astringent, yarrow can be used in making an oil infusion for soaps, salves, lotions and other skin products.

Soil preference of yarrow tend to be well draining and even poor soil that holds little moisture.  The plant can grow up to 3 feet in height with full sun.  A summer bloomer with a variety of colors.  Known for it’s gold/yellow flowers, yarrow also comes in shades of white, pinks and purples.

Yarrrow in a variety of colors

3. Sedum

Sedum Plant

Who would have thought sedum would have such lovely flowers! There are numerous varieties of sedum available but the one type that will add color to your garden is Autumn Joy.  Blooming mid to late summer, this variety not only is easy to care for but has both beautiful foliage and flowers.

The flowers continue to change color from a pink to red and then finally to a bronze hue.  Many leave the flowers on after they have dried because they are still visually appealing.

Sedums are known to be drought tolerant and prefer full sun.  I never need to water my sedum, Mother Nature takes care of that.

4. Purple Milkweed

Purple Milkweed

This sun loving perennial has beautiful clusters of pink, purplish flowers that bloom from spring to mid summer.  Milkweed enjoys a variety of soils but grows well in moderately moist, wet soil.  Milkweed needs space to spread out so don’t place near other perennials or they will take them over.

If you have the space, don’t fear planting milkweed in unsecure areas because they are known to be deer and rabbit resistant.  Nothing worse than watching your plant come to flourish and then in one night gone.

Milkweed is also a big attraction to the monarch butterfly and bees.

Milkweed plant with Monarch butterfly on top

5. Russian Sage

Russian sage

With Russian Sage you really will get a bang for your buck here.  Flowers bloom from early summer through fall, with a long season of flowers you are sure to appreciate this plant.

Plant Russian Sage in full sun with well drained soil, do not over water.  Once established, this plant will require watering only in severe drought.  Growing upwards of 3-8ft high and 2-3ft wide, be sure to plant in a roomy area where their height does not sun block another plant.

A deer resistant perennial,  you’ll find that this is really a low maintenance plant to have in your garden.

With an abundant perennial varieties to choose from,  it’s refreshing to plant something that is unexpectant in that it’s transformation from greenery to flower blooms pleasantly surprises you.  It’s also great to have plants that don’t need much attention.

What’s also important to remember is that when planting your garden bed its wise to do so knowing which plant will bloom when and for how long.  This way you always have continual flowers.

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