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Grapefruit Rose Clay Soap

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I absolutely love the smell of this grapefruit soap!  No big surprise here since my kids and I are obsessed with grapefruits.  The grapefruit soap is so fresh and citrusy, plus it feels amazing on the skin.  What’s not to love?

Grapefruit rose clay soap

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This grapefruit soap recipe is so simple to make.  If your familiar with making soap, this can be considered a beginner recipe.  The batter is slow to trace giving you extra time,  and you only need to add in one colorant without doing any advanced swirling.  

When choosing colorants for my soaps, my number one priority is how to achieve the desired color by only using natural ingredients.  Adding in rose clay was appropiate because not only does it add a beautiful rosy hue, the clay adds slip to the soap.  Who doesn’t like extra silkeness in their soap?

The oils and butters in this grapefruit soap recipe really compliment each other and provide extra skin conditioning.  Similar to shea butter, mango butter is an excellent emollient drawing moisture to the skin.  Although no scent is passed through the saponification process, using mango butter in a citrus soap recipe seemed appropriate.

High oleic sunflower oil adds good lather to this grapefruit soap.  If you haven’t used sunflower oil in soap before, you really should give it a try.  Rich in vitamins A, D and E and oleic acids, sunflower oil nourishes your skin like no other.

Grapefruit essential oil smells amazing but it also has astringent and antibacterial properties.  Citrus EO’s will scent fade in soap so I blended the grapefruit with orange and bergamot oils.

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10.2 oz  Olive Oil 30%

9.52oz Coconut Oil 28%

5.1oz Mango Butter 15%

4.08oz Sunflower Oil 12%

2.72oz Avocado Oil 8%

2.38oz Shea Butter 7%

4.74oz Sodium Hydroxide

10.65oz Distilled Water

3 tsp Rose clay dispersed in Lye water

Pinch of Tussah silk fibers

3tsp Sodium Lactate

Essential Oils:

Grapefruit 0.70 oz

Orange 0.30 oz

Bergamot 0.15 oz

Optional Toppings of Dried Roses, Pink Himalayan salt & Black Lava salt


Caution: If you have never made soap before please familiarize yourself with using lye.  Lye is caustic and can burn your eyes and skin on contact.  This recipe will fit into your standard 3lb soap loaf mold.  

  1. Put safety gear on- gloves, eye shied and mask.  Measure out the distilled water on your digital scale.  Mix lye into water with tussah silk fiber, 3tsp rose clay and set aside to cool.
  2. Measure and melt oils and butters.  When lye water is cooled add in sodium lactate.  Once both lye water mixture and oils are between 110-120 degrees, mix with stick blender.
  3. At thin trace add in essential oils.  Continue to blend until you have reached medium trace.
  4. Pour into soap mold then take fork and draw lines through top of soap in one direction.  Top the end of the soap with botanicals of your choice and spray with 99% alcohol.  In this soap I choose to use dried roses, pink himalayan salt and black lava salt.  Cover and insulate for two days prior to cutting.  Let cure for 4 weeks, and enjoy!

Intimidated by making your own soap? I’ve done all the hard work for you.  You can now order my soaps through my etsy shop.  

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Share a Little Country!
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