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Lavender Almond Milk Soap

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If you make soap it’s an absolute must to have a lavender soap recipe.  Lavender can be blended with so many other essential oils to give them a floral scent but on it’s own its quite lovely.  In this soap the lavender EO is paired with rich luscious almond milk to make the creamiest lavender milk soap ever!

Lavender almond milk soap

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I decided to pair the lavender with a milk base because I wanted the soap to be creamy.  There are so many choices when it comes to picking a milk for soap so you have a lot of flexibility.   Almond milk is nutrient rich in vitamin E and fatty acids.  Also if your feeling extra DIYish you can make almond milk at home very easily.

Rich cocoa butter gives this recipe skin loving conditioning and creamy lather-not to mention bar hardness.  Make sure to use the refined cocoa butter as the unrefined has that chocolaty scent.   


13.6oz Olive oil 40%

10.2oz Coconut oil 30%

6.12oz Cocoa butter 18%

4.08oz Almond oil 12%

9.50 oz Almond Milk-unsweetened

4.88oz Lye 

0.75oz Lavender EO

0.30oz Rosemary EO

Dried lavender buds


1. Measure out your almond milk and then place the milk in the freezer.      You can put it in cubes or even a plastic bag.  You want the milk to be semi frozen, slushy like before you add the lye in.

2. Slowly add the lye crystals in the milk stirring frequently.  After all lye is incorporated in milk set aside until solution reaches a temperature of 100 degrees.

3. In the meantime, measure out your oils and butter.   Melt your coconut oil and cocoa butter and then add in the almond and olive oils.  Let oils reach 100 degrees.

4. Once both oils and lye solution are within 10 degrees of each other pour lye solution into oils.  Blend with your stick blender until you reach thin trace.  Add in your essential oils and continue to blend until medium trace.

5. Pour your soap into your 3lb loaf mold.  Sprinkle your dry lavender buds on top and spray with alcohol.

6.  Place your soap into the freezer for one day and then on the second day place into the refrigerator.

7.  After two days remove your soap from the mold and cut into bars and allow soap to cure for 4 weeks.

Lavender Milk soap


In most if not all of my soap recipes sodium lactate is added into lye water to create a hard bar of soap.  In this lavender milk soap you can choose not to because it has a higher percentage of olive oil and cocoa butter which will harden the soap.

Because this soap is milk based you do not want it to heat up and go through gel phase.  To prevent gel phase placed in the freezer immediately after you pour and decorate soap.  After you take your soap out of the refrigerator I’d recommended letting it sit out for a couple hours so it isn’t difficult to cut into.

Speaking of cutting into, place your bars on the side and cut to prevent the lavender buds from scraping down your soap creating unwanted lines.

You can purchase lavender buds from multiple online vendors.  I’m fortunate to have a local lavender farm close by.  Trusted sellers like Bulk Apothecary, Brambleberry and Mountain Rose Herbs all sell lavender.

Have a milk a soap recipe to share?  Comment below.

Making soap just not your thing but you love the idea of having a truly natural soap product?  You can now purhase this Lavender Almond Milk soap in my etsy shop.

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